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What's the deal with facial oils?

What's the deal with facial oils?

Oil products contain essential fatty acids your skin needs to stay properly hydrated, but your body can't produce them on its own. Oils also act as the skin's lipid barrier, protecting against extreme temperatures, dry climates, and over-cleansing.

Not only are oils beneficial and healing to the skin as moisturizers, but they provide a maximum boost for your anti-aging concerns. Using a face oil as part of your skincare routine will result in hydrated, glowing, younger and even clearer skin.


Using a facial oil not only delivers radiant, dewy complexion and intensely hydrated skin, it also helps skin heal and repair itself much more quickly. Especially in winter, adding a luxurious facial oil to your skincare regimen can save your skin from irritation, redness, dryness and breakouts. Apply a full dropper of VITAL C hydrating facial oil evenly over the skin morning and evening for ultra hydrated, celebrity perfect skin.


With an Acne Treatment: Though it may seem counterintuitive to use a facial oil on oily or acne skin, the truth is the overproduction of oil that causes clogged pores and acne is actually caused by an unbalanced oil content in the skin. The VITAL C Hydrating Facial Oil will actually replenish your skin with the essential fatty acids and moisture it needs. When balance is restored those overactive sebaceous glands take a breather, leaving skin healthier and clearer. Combine a few drops of VITAL C hydrating facial oil into your CLEAR CELL medicated acne lotion to help alleviate dryness, reduce inflammation and restore balance.


Another trick to facial oils (and one used by professional make-up artists backstage), is to mix a facial oil with foundation to create your very own tinted moisturizer. This gives the skin a natural, dewy glow, plus keeps your skin moisturized all day and night long. Or, if you want to control where your skin is highlighted, dab a little facial oil on post-foundation and blusher to give a pretty sheen to cheekbones.