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What is the Cavitation machine?

The Cavitation machine is a localized fat-burning machine used for cosmetic and beautifying procedures to get rid of fat from problem areas like belly, waist, thighs, glutes, upper arm, and face.

These machines are a non-invasive and pain-free alternative to liposuction. They use high-frequency heat and sound waves that penetrate your skin to break down the fat cells.

What is the 6 in 1 Cavitation machine & treatment used for?

  • For Body Contouring and Weight Loss (Cavitation, Body Radio Frequency, Vacuum +LED)
  • For Face and Neck (Microcurrent - lifting firming + eyes, Bipolar RF+LED face collagen and elastin, Four-polar RF + LED (larger) building collagen and elastin)

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cavitation

  • Bursts bulks of fat cells instantly
  • Leaves surrounding tissues completely unharmed
  • 100% safe & non-invasive
  • Decreases fat content
  • Can be used in main areas of the body including arms, stomach & thighs
  • Creates immediately visible effects to encourage more treatment
  • Slims & tones areas with excess fat

RF Tightening benefits

  • Relieves cellulite & tightens skin
  • Increases skin elasticity & tightens
  • Can be used on the arms, stomach, legs, and more
  • Non-invasive, safe, and requires no downtime
  • Erases lines and wrinkles
  • Eliminates crows feet and other fine lines around eyes
  • Stimulates collagen production and strengthens existing collagen fibers
  • Relieves physical signs of aging

Microcurrent benefits:

  • Stimulates muscle toning
  • Results are cumulative with increased treatments
  • Improves circulation
  • Pain Free
  • Relieves symptoms of rosacea
  • Improves skin elasticity & tightens

Vacuum Radio Frequency (RF) benefits:

  • Improves circulation of blood & lymph
  • Reduces appearance of cellulite
  • Increases metabolism
  • Burns fat at a faster rate
  • Promotes positive mood
  • Improves overall body profile
  • Tones & smooths skin

What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) works to refine and tone muscles almost all over the body. It enhances muscle strength and endurance while aiding in the breakdown of fat, making this non-invasive body treatment a highly demanded one. It works by sending electrical signals through electrode pads.

This procedure non-invasively increases heart rate, skin temperature, and metabolic rate, which helps the body use more energy to remove fat. This is a wonderful tool for weight loss, especially when used in conjunction with healthy diet and regular exercise. By triggering the body's natural fat burning and muscle toning processes, weight loss is a very achievable result with EMS. Through enhancing muscle strength and endurance while also aiding in the breakdown of fat, EMS is a next generation technology that has been loved in every field from medicine to beauty.

What are the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Benefits?

  • Speed up fat loss
  • Reduces cellulite throughout body
  • Shapes the stomach, back, thighs, and arms
  • Contours the body
  • Strengthens muscles over time
  • Improves flow and circulation
  • Firms skin contour
  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Stimulates collagen production

cheryl before and after
  • Whole body vibration machine( WBV) helps the lymphatic system stimulate after Cavitation plus works on small muscles burns 500 calories
  • Infared sauna may be used as well after the body services.
  • Each session of body treatments average 1000 calories burned.
  • For best results, include 30 minutes exercise or just a walk daily & lots of water
Lose 2-5 dress or pant sizes in 42 days.
Lose 7-23 inches of Fat in 42 days.

Zero Drugs.
Zero Surgery.
Zero Pain.


It is safe, painless, and completely non-invasive treatment for spot fat reduction and aesthetic body contouring.

Clients have found hard to reduce trouble spots, such as love handles, tummy bulge, saddlebags and more - are significantly reduced with just a few treatments. Laser paddles target adipose (fat) tissue externally through skin for 10 minutes per treatment area.
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It emits light energy, which safely penetrates the patient's skin. At specific frequencies, coherence and power settings, fat cells absorb the electromagnetic energy from the Light. When enough energy is absorbed, transitory (short-lived) pores form on the surface of the fat cells. Water, glycerol and free fatty acids then leak out of the fat cells and through the body's natural cleansing system are released into circulation to be processed and removed naturally.
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How Quickly Will I See Results?
97% of clients see measurable results after their first session.
Do I have to do other things to lose the fat?
Only for greater results - 7 inches total without changes, 18-23 inches with major lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise we have support if you choose to change your life while doing the sessions

What do you do to keep the fat off?
Normal things you need to keep weight off - eating lots of greens, exercising, drinking water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If people go back to overeating and a poor diet they will gain fat back. But unlike other treatments, clients do not need to as much to retain the fat loss benefits.

What is Involved?
9-18 sessions - 3 sessions a week, for 3-6 weeks, 7-14 min per session. You relax in a comfortable position while a trained Laser-Like Lipo technician places two paddles and two smaller lasers to the target areas. Then lay back, relax, read, or whatever you like.
What Kind of Results are Produced?
12.25 inches AVERAGE. The most lost in 18 sessions is 23 inches. People who make minor lifestyle changes are on the higher end of the average and those who don't, the lower end.
How many times do I need it?
9-18 sessions takes an average of 7-23 inches total, respectively - how much fat do you want to lose?
This new Laser-Like technology gives you hope. Have you felt frustrated you haven't lost those 7-23 inches doing diet and exercise? When you see the fat come off quickly, you will have hope and be more inspired to make the changes you want. Not to mention the health benefits of losing weight.
Does it Really Work?
Yes it works. We have a double satisfaction pledge to back it up. If you complete 9 sessions and you do not lose at least 1 inch or more on one measurement with minor lifestyle changes* or noticeable difference in the appearance of cellulite we will give you additional sessions until you get there.
*Minor changes include - not eating for 1 hour before or 3 hours after a session, doing at least mild exercise the day of your sessions, drinking more water, using the included cream,and doing the included detox program.

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Body Treatments Pricing

EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation: $50-60 (30 min)
Strengthen weak muscles

WBV Whole Body Vibration Machine: $20 (10-15 min)

Radio Frequency: $50 per session, $200 pack of 5
Tightens, tones, and smoothes skin, relieves cellulite, erases lines and wrinkles. Safe and non-invasive.

Infrared Sauna: $45 per session. $350 pack of 10

Vevazz Laser-Like Lipo: FDA approved. No Drugs, No Pain, No Surgery. Used in conjuction with other body contouring treatments. Complimentary Consult.

Organic Spray Tanning: $45 per session, $35 for 5 sessions ($175 total)
Derivative of beet and sugarcane.

Ultrasonic Cavitation:
Our NEW 6-in-1 Cavitation Machine uses high frequency heat and sound waves that penetrate skin to break down fat cells. Call for a complimentary consultation.

Weight Loss Body Contouring Package:
One fee for 6 sessions, 2 days a week
Treatments include:

  • Vevazz Laser-Like Lipo
  • Cavitation
  • Radio Frequency
  • Vacuum

Use of Whole Body Vibration Machine and Infrared Sauna are also included.
Consultation required. 15% OFF additional sites.